Snorkeling on steroids that requires no prior experience!! SNUBA gives you the thrill of swimming deeper than you could snorkeling, without the burden of scuba gear or the need for a certification. After a short briefing on the easy to use Snuba gear, you’ll enter the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea. Venture beneath the waves as the thousands of tropical fish swim around you. Swim along with our experienced guides as they show you the big fish you might see to the tiny little things you may not notice yourself. Guests must be able to swim but do not need any previous snorkeling experience.

Shipwreck SNUBA Shipwreck SNUBA is on the West side of Grand Cayman, right in GeorgeTown. Shipwreck SNUBA operates from the shore. We take a short surface swim out to our dive site. The exact dive location is over the wreck of the Cali. The Cali sits in about 15-25 feet of water. During this tour customers descend to an average depth of 18 feet over the 120 foot wreck of the Calli, adjacent to a very well developed towering reef system. Whilst underwater, customers will swim over the wreck of the Calli stopping at places of interest with their guide. The entire tour is 2 hours long with an average dive time of 30 minutes. Customers will need to make their own way to our facility in Georgetown, Cayman Cabana. Please contact us if you need any assistance getting to us.

Company History

Sea Trek and SNUBA Cayman owner Ben Tresidder has worked in Caymans watersport industry for over 20 years. SNUBA has been in the Cayman Islands for over 20 years but in 2008 was acquired and revamped to provide customers with more dive options.

Sub Sea Systems designed SNUBA in order to allow all persons the ability to dive in a safe environment with no prior dive knowledge or experience so precious vacation time is not spent learning how to dive. Ben Tresidder our goal is to provide non divers, even non swimmers the chance to experience Cayman’s stunning marine environment as safely and easily as possible

Dive Locations

Shipreck SNUBA
SNUBA Cayman’s primary location is the Shipwreck Cali on the west side of Grand Cayman. We are located adjacent (short swim) from the Shipwreck. Where other operators have to ferry you to the dive site by boat, our SNUBA guests can access this top dive site via Cayman Cabana with all of its amenities at your disposal.

Custom SNUBA experience
For persons who have already experienced our Shipwreck SNUBA tour and looking to come out with us again, we now offer a customized SNUBA tour. On this tour we take into account your skillsets and the weather on that particular day to get you into some awesome different dives site via our dive shuttle Little Treasure. After your Shipwreck SNUBA tour please ask your guide about this private, customized SNUBA experience.

Tour Timing

Shipwreck Snuba operates every day between 7:30am and 3:30pm. Subject to availability, Monday thru Friday when cruise ships are in port we are usually sold out so please call or email to inquire as to what time would be best for you. Tours are 2 hours long and the average dive time is 30 minutes.

Please note that Cruise Ship passengers (Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Disney, Celebrity and Princess) need to book through their Cruise Lines shore excursions departments.


Shipwreck SNUBA – 89 US per person

Custom SNUBA experience – 89 US per person

Groups of 5+ get a group discount of 79 US per person

For groups over 12 passengers please call/email our sales team for customized tour times and prices.

Please note that the above pricing information is subject to change. To confirm current pricing information please contact a member of our sales team.

Customer Requirements

  • Customers must be able to swim 100 yds unaided.
  • Persons above the age of 8 may participate in this excursion.
  • Persons must be in good health with no history of heart or lung surgeries.
  • Persons with existing medical conditions must be cleared by a physician prior to diving.
  • Women who are pregnant may not participate.
  • Consumption of alcohol 12 hours prior to excursion is prohibited.
  • Air travel under 12 hours after dive is prohibited.
  • A medical questionnaire and liability disclaimer must be filled out prior to participation. SNUBA Cayman reserves the right to prevent persons to participate deemed unfit to dive.