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Snorkeling on steroids that requires no prior experience!! SNUBA gives you the thrill of swimming deeper than you could snorkeling, without the burden of scuba gear or the need for a certification. After a short briefing on the easy to use Snuba gear, you’ll enter the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea. Venture beneath the waves as the thousands of tropical fish swim around you. Watch as the experienced guides feed the fish try your hand at feeding them yourself if you want. Guests must be able to swim but do not need any previous snorkeling experience.

Shipwreck SNUBA

Shipwreck SNUBA is on the West side of Grand Cayman. During this tour customers descend to an average depth of 18’ over the 120’ wreck of the Calli, adjacent to a very well developed ‘towering’ reef system. Whilst underwater, customers will swim over the wreck of the Calli stopping at places of interest with their guide. Customers will get the opportunity to hand feed several different types of reef fish. The entire tour is 2 hours long with aan average dive time of  30 minutes.

Customers will need to make their own way to our facility in Georgetown, Cayman Cabana.